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Outdoor activities

With a territory like this, it’s impossible not to feel like doing some outdoor activities! The scenery inspires you to walk along the trails and ancient mule tracks; the fresh air and the cycle paths are an irresistible invitation for cycling tourists; the climbing walls seem to be waiting for athletic types with a spirit of adventure who want to try their hand at climbing.

Bicycle itineraries

We’re only suggesting three of them, because there are so many cycling routes that start in Arnad, that you could follow a different circuit every day!

For example there’s an easy circular route along the Dora Baltea river, from the Echallod bridge to Verrès, suitable for everyone, even families.

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Otherwise, once again starting from the humpback bridge, you can reach the Fortress of Bard.

If you are in good shape and want to cycle, don’t miss the itinerary that starts at the bridge and arrives at Lake Meugliano. From there, you can continue towards Vidracco, passing through the town of Fiorano, moving on to Bard and then return.

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Excursions on foot

Here at the hotel, we always tell those who love walking that all you need to do is go outside and walk in any direction to find an amazing trail. For example, some of our guests suggest the excursion along the fifth stage of the Cammino Balteo trail, towards Challand-Saint-Victor, which requires good physical form.

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The circular route that goes from Arnad to Avieil and back is undoubtedly easier, as is the hike towards the Sanctuary of Machaby (Madonna delle Nevi).

Those who wish to try their hand at an intermediate-level excursion might want to try the hike from Arnad to Pont-Saint-Martin, which is the first village you come across in the Aosta Valley arriving from Piedmont.

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Did you know that in the immediate vicinity of Arand, there’s a big “paretone” climbing wall? It is a historically very important rounded panettone-shaped wall, because it marked the transition from classic to modern mountaineering. Initially, climbing shoes and bolts were used, while today the “big wall” is the kingdom of free climbers.

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The climb, which requires excellent technical experience, is mainly about grip and balance on long routes, generally involving being roped together for more than half a day. We always recommend the presence of a mountain guide.

The descent takes place mainly on foot on the east side of the wall, or via a comfortable trail on the north side, or even by abseiling if you don’t reach the top. Be careful with this last option, because it can get in the way of climbers moving upwards. In the resting areas, there are chains and Munter hitches.

Technical information

Minimum, maximum and medium difficulty routes: from 5C to 7A, average 6A.

Total number of routes: 41+6 in the Case Fara sector.

Length: average: 200 metres, with minimum 35 metres and maximum 280 metres.

Near the residential area of Arnad, there is also the La Gruviera Wall.

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Rafting is not just a group sporting activity that teaches the value of teamwork, but a fast-paced experience that allows your soul to become one with the power of water and nature. Rafting is very popular in the Aosta Valley and you can do it in Arnad with the certified guides from Patta Libra  .

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These are professionals from the Italian Rafting and River Sports Federation who, starting from Lake Echallod  , accompany participants to the Fortress of Bard moving down the river. An extraordinary adventure suitable for everyone and, in fact, even children aged 6 years and over can participate and, with them, you can always admire the territory from an original viewpoint.

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